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Bunkhouse Testimonials

"Thanks for sharing your peaceful surroundings with us; we got some much needed R&R. Our first wedding anniversary here. Wonderful! Hubby caught a big fish this morning, made him very happy.... Off to Turner Falls now. Hate to leave. loved the Hot Tub." -William's Family

"Thanks for the nice quite getaway. Our 4 year old had so much fun running and playing with the animals and fishing. It was such a nice change from away from Arlington, TX. We were able to see Arbuckle Wilderness and Turner Falls, Great location!" -Brown Family

"Thank you for opening your cabin up for us. We had a very good time here. The little girls loved seeing all the animals especially the horses. We loved it here. Hope to return one day!" -Juan

"WE had an amazing, relaxing visit! Just what we were looking for!  We fell in love with all you animals...especially Oscar.  Thank you for being such gracious hosts." -Yamen's Family

"We so enjoyed the two night stay on the ranch!! the hot tub was really relaxing! The Bunkhouse was perfect, clean and had everything we needed. The girls picked this place because of the animals. We were blessed to be here on the the birthday of several baby goats. The girls were exited to hold them, visit with the horses, dogs and llamas.:"

-Nathanson Family


Brandin' Post Testimonials

"This place is gorgeous and the home is so cozy. We really enjoyed the fire pit. The coffee was awesome y'all left here." -Linda

"Had a great time there's so much to do at ranch and surrounding area. The Brandin Post was a great home away from home couldn't pick a better place. Loved the animals, llamas, goats, horses and dogs." -Karen

"Thank you for a wonderful weekend experience. The house and fishing pond was a hit. You will be recommended to our friends and next time we need a cabin you'll be on our short list." -Baker Family

"Thank you for a wonderful family vacation! Our family was enchanted by the cabin and property. We loved fishing, the animals and the fire pit. The kids adored the goats and llamas. We experienced so much joy and pleaser from the visit. The kids are already begging to come back. Thank you for sharing your beautiful land with us." -Linda & Lady Belle

"Bill and Margaret you have an amazing place here. the cabin is so cozy and comfortable. we have really enjoyed our stay here. Thanks for allowing our pet!! Our kidddos really enjoy making friends with Oscar and Sidney! It was so nice having a nice quiet atmosphere to sit outside and just relax in a natural environment. The fireworks show every evening was great. Our four days have been amazing." -Vicker's Family (staying over 4th of July Weekend)



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